Hi, be welcome at the official and patented website of the "Beerdrinking - done right!" Project.
You don't know wtf you're doing here? Well, get yourself a beer, lean back and read on!

"NEV3R DRINK UNREGISTERED BEER" Using the Drink&Track System you're able to register all the drinks you're having on a party via the easy-and-even-drunken-to-use Webfrontend. That's all, for you.
The Drink&Track Server will now start to calculate your present Blood-Alcohol-Permille value and can display numerous charts and graphics, from simple tables up to bursting 3d-line-diagrams, which show your drunkenness in realtime. Of course you may look up your time till sobriety and go for some more drinks to prevent this state :-) .

A few highlights of our analyze-server:
  • Calculate the time you'll be sober again, and have a look at it in different graphs
  • Compare users in a line plot
  • Find out who's the "Beer-King"
  • See which drinks bear all the blame in a diagram or in a table
  • ... and much more funny stuff!
DNT in action!

The Drink&Track System is able to handle ANY number of users, and compares/analyzes them in statistics you define. You can even export party-files and send them to a friend, so he can laugh about it.
The installation and the whole usage of the system is very easy.

This non-nonsens tool is indispensable for everyone givin' a party or just drinking a few beers.

Hand in hand with the Drink & Track System goes the Beerdrinking-HOWTO, which explains everything about the danger and fun of alcohol-consum. Read all about drinking and preventing the troublesome consequences.